Jaguar Exploration
Borehole VSP Monitoring

Jaguar’s vertical seismic profiling (VSP) services not only offer the exploration and production community an integrated approach to maximize the benefits of using borehole seismic technology, but keep capabilities up-to-date in terms of technology and VSP processing practices.

First, Jaguar maintains both staff and consultants with extensive experience covering the entire spectrum of VSP services: from survey design to acquisition, processing and interpretation. Our experts work with you to achieve successful results cost-effectively. The relevant applications include:

  • Identification of horizons and accurate match with surface seismic
  • Identification of multiples and the originating horizons
  • Illumination of the structure at and around the well location
  • Prediction ahead of the drill bit
  • Determination of dip of nearby formations and diffraction points.

Second, our VSP-related services include:

  • Modeling and acquisition design
  • Acquisition QC and on-site processing
  • Equipment Audits
  • Final processing up to depth migration
  • Interpretation and integration with seismic data
  • Data certification, database management and software
  • QC of third-party processing
  • Project management for studies combining both surface and borehole seismic 3C/4D data
  • Training.

Finally, Jaguar backs up its VSP QC land services with the VibraScope™ system for auditing vibrators used as the energy source. This system ensures that we detect and correct energy source problems prior to the start of data acquisition that other QC systems might miss. The system includes high-speed network telemetry for maximum field flexibility with a wireless option that allows testing of vibrators via a radio link and also provides full Internet support for data access.