Jaguar Exploration
Starting with Seismic QC, Professional Services the Right Way

Jaguar Exploration’s team of seismic data experts has successfully completed projects for clients in various countries from Asia to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and North and South America.

With our principal focus on seismic data acquisition quality control, Jaguar has qualified earth science professionals with extensive worldwide experience ready to assist clients with their exploration projects.

  • Consulting G&G We can assist in your search for technical professionals and provide consultants in various areas of expertise.
  • Acquisition QC Jaguar offers total QC management of land and marine seismic surveys, from planning and design stage through acquisition and processing.
  • Seismic Processing and SEG-Y Data Validation We offer personnel and field systems to verify and validate SEG-Y tape header information, geometry for 3D land and OBC surveys, and SEG-Y recording compliance with industry standards. Jaguar software can produce Quick QC Product™ cubes in the field for quick evaluation by interpreters and for any changes or additions to the acquisition program.
  • Borehole Seismic (VSP) We monitor vertical seismic (VSP) data acquisition and test vibrators used for the energy source to assure clients that operations are performed as specified. The integrated Jaguar approach using borehole technology during interpretation maximizes your benefits while reducing errors when correlating borehole seismic and surface seismic data with subsurface geologic information.
  • Health, Safety & Environment Jaguar is committed to providing safe working conditions in an environment that is free from hazards to health, and avoiding risk of injury to anyone during any operations in which the company is engaged.
  • Training Both off-the-shelf and customized courses on a variety of exploration and production related subjects can be scheduled to be given at locations designated by the client.

Using our extensive resources and relationships, Jaguar delivers even more: integrated regional and basin studies, prospect generation and evaluation, 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, sequence stratigraphy, pore pressure prediction and reservoir characterization.

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