Jaguar Exploration
Seismic Data Acquisition

The value of Jaguar QC professionals’ experience has been proven in project after project worldwide. Our drive to deliver “best practices” discipline and quality control is founded on the services we have conducted on our clients’ behalf in specific aspects of data acquisition and processing.

  • Survey Pre-Planning, Planning, Design and Project Management Jaguar provides genuinely professional, field-experienced consultants for survey planning, design, management and supervision of 2D, 3D, 4D and 4C seismic surveys onshore, offshore and the transition zone.
  • Field Equipment Audits Experienced and skilled specialists are available to perform technical audits and testing of equipment for pre and post survey calibration. For marine surveys, dockside calibration of positioning systems and recording equipment is available.
  • Seismic QC Quality control services are available for both land and marine operations. Our seismic consultants have extensive experience in 2D and 3D acquisition operations with various energy sources on land and with multi-streamer and OBC surveys in the marine environment.
  • Validation The geometry verification QC system is designed to easily and cost effectively correct problems at the acquisition level so that client can rely on the integrity of the seismic and positioning data from the very beginning of the processing flow. This is paramount for quality control of 3D seismic surveys.
  • Positioning Qualified surveyors and navigation consultants are available for land, marine and transition zone seismic projects. Their experience covers all phases of survey parameters,
    recording formats, data management systems and positioning techniques.
  • Gravimetric Studies & Magnetotellurics MT Gravimetric and Magnetotelluric quality control services are available for all land operations.