The application, known as JagSeis® (US patent number 8,694,260 B1), is a web-based data management system to monitor all phases of a seismic data acquisition project:

  • Supervision and Acquisition QC (AQC) is primarily involved with seismic data acquisition operations and technical compliance.
  • Geodetics QC (GQC) is associated with field positioning of all points, plus line clearing.
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) addresses all phases of the seismic field operation from an HSE perspective.


JagSeis® was developed based on international industry guidelines and best practices. This software can securely analyze, evaluate, send, receive and archive critical field operations data via the Internet.

Provides clients a comprehensive system to track and monitor the progress of their seismic projects, anytime from anywhere, for more timely and effective management decisions.


  • Reliable, validated and integrated seismic project information easily inter-faceable with Client’s corporate systems
  • Management and control of the entire seismic project from one location:
    • Compliance with contract specifications
    • 24-hour data viewing
    • Contractors’ performance
    • Promote client’s HSE-MS standards
    • Liaise, support and supervise remote personnel
    • Track QCs’ performance
  • Proof of performed activities
  • Effective quality control results from:
    • Integrated information readily available for timely decisions
    • Systematic approach with established procedures and guidelines
    • Reduced errors by replacing manual data input with digital capture
    • Built-in QC tools
    • Semi-automatically generated reports
    • Compensating for different professional backgrounds


  • Displays pre-plots and generates post-plot maps and production statistics for surveying and acquisition (planned vs. actual production)
  • Displays data captured with hand-held GPS units (date and time stamp; line and station number, as well as location by X-Y coordinates, where the QC inspection was performed)
  • Quality Control for surveying & positioning:
    • Tracks and displays offsets, skips and recovered source points
    • Tracks and identifies out of specification source and receiver locations
    • Helps the field QC to identify survey network monuments and horizontal and vertical accuracy limits
    • Helps the field QC to identify positioning errors and equipment errors by using the Query Analyzer (PDOP, # of Satellites, etc.)
  • Quality Control for Acquisition:
    • Instrument Analysis and Audits based on contractual and manufacturers’ specifications
    • Equipment and Explosives Inventory management
    • Interface with cable and nodes recording system
    • Drilling Performance (shot hole depth)
    • Reads the ADSTA files (Trace and Shot Domain Attributes). Identifies defective channels
    • Vibrator performance (maps of distortion, phase, force, etc)
    • Up-hole time monitoring
    • Generates fold plots. Allows the QC to follow acquisition progress to make sure that Nominal Fold will be obtained
    • Generates Rose Diagrams: Fold and Offset (Distance and Azimuth) distribution
    • Tracks helicopter statistics
    • Populates and generates pre-configured daily and weekly report templates and assists in compilation of graphs, tables and displays for monthly and final reports
  • Quality Control for HSE:
    • Dynamic and unique “HSE EYE” for effective visual tracking of the HSE Management System
    • Online review and daily graphics of HSE-MS performance for seismic projects
    • Notifications/Alerts for agreed upon critical elements
    • Based on industry standards and best practices
    • Compliance with governmental regulations
    • Inspections and Audits for prevention of incidents
    • Corrective Actions and Incident management
    • Tracking of Key Performance Indicators
    • Location, date/time and inspection data of camps, helipads and other physical sites can easily be gathered with hand-held GPS/digital camera units and effectively displayed on maps

JagSeis® is a web-enabled system that sets uniform procedures for seismic consultants (QCs) to consistently and effectively perform and document their activities. The system enables collecting and analyzing QC data and monitoring all phases of a seismic acquisition project.

JagSeis® software consists of two applications:

  • Field (QC access)
  • Dashboard (Client access)

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