JagVSP™ application provides the administrator tools to:

  • Consistently and systematically archive VSP data of different vintages, acquisition and processing contractors
  • Provide more efficient and effective access to query the archived VSP database

JagVSP™ application provides the tools to:

  • Easily query the entire VSP database
  • Easily visualize all common types of VSP files
  • Easily download the needed VSP data

All VSP data formats (e.g. LAS files, SEG-Y files, DeconT2 and Final Stack files) can be stored by the administrator for visualization and retrieval by all authorized users.


  • Centralize all VSP information normally scattered throughout the organization
  • Specifically designed to accommodate VSP data
  • Recently acquired VSP data can be archived with NO reformatting changes
  • Specific VSP data can be simultaneously viewed (visualized) by more than one user


  • Management and control of all VSP data from one location
  • Visualization and direct user control to download data
  • Access to historical and archival data
  • Custom-defined access for partners in joint operations
  • Multi-language capability
  • Complete security with user IDs, Roles and Permissions
  • Tracking of transaction records, dates and audit-trail logs
  • Unique feature to directly accept input from hand-held GPS units if needed
  • Dynamic reports, queries and graphics generation for end users
  • 24-hour viewing of VSP data, maps (GIS capability) via Internet

JagVSP™ is web-enabled software for a user-friendly borehole seismic (VSP) database that provides direct and easy access to all companywide VSP information.

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