Jaguar Exploration

Health, Safety & Environment

HS&E audits of seismic field operations are critical. Jaguar makes this critical requirement a key component of every project management scope-of-work, combining the professionalism of Jaguar
field QCs with proprietary software support.

Every HS&E audit is based on the principles of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and performed to international standards. Land and marine audits are carried out using check lists which comply with industry accepted standards, OGP schedules for Geophysical Operations IAGC Safety Manual, SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), MARPOL (Prevention of Pollution from Ships), ISM (International Safety Management) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) codes.

Audits are often customized to meet our clients’ requirements – and our HS&E management processes can conform to yours, too.

  • Hazard and Risk Assessments can be carried out prior to seismic crew startup or during field operations.
  • HSE Case Development is carried out to meet industry standards and government regulations.
  • Accident Investigation includes experienced and qualified personnel to assist with your incident investigations.
  • Aviation Audit and Advisory Services-Helicopter/Fixed-Wing Aircraft includes equipment
    audits for air worthiness and operational procedures for geophysical field work.
  • Proprietary HS&E Management System provides measurement and reporting of critical HS&E events and exposures.

Coupled with community involvement and action plans, Jaguar HS&E provides an additional level of assurance during field QC activities.

At the same time Jaguar maintains an active corporate HS&E Policy – to conduct our activities
in such a way as to:

  • Provide for the health and safety of its employees, customers, subcontractors and the public
  • Protect the environment and seek improvements in the efficient use of natural resources
  • Comply with government regulations and industrial standards and guidelines.
  • Jaguar’s web service host is a member of Green Power Partnership and is 100% wind-powered.