Jaguar Exploration
SEG Y Data Acquisition

Our geometry verification QC system is designed to easily and cost-effectively correct problems at the acquisition level so that you can rely on the integrity of the seismic and positioning data from the very beginning of the processing flow.

Jaguar believes this is paramount for the effective QC of 3D seismic surveys conducted in culturally congested areas where source locations, as well as receiver locations, frequently need to be relocated from pre-programmed positions. In this context, the system will:

  • Provide reliable quality control, quickly diagnosing and correcting 3D geometry errors
  • Automatically capture recording geometry and/or navigation data from field tapes
  • Automatically detect and support most field recording formats
  • Conduct full seismic image processing
  • Generate actual 3D fold coverage plots in the field.

To assure total quality control verification and validation of SEG-Y tapes generated in the field,
Jaguar can conduct the following procedures:

  • Checking field 3D geometry and SPS files
  • Confirming tape header information as specified by client
  • Checking trace header
  • Annotating noisy or dead traces
  • Checking tape/cartridge labels and bar codes
  • Generating statistics, spreadsheets and reports.